Tomorrow's solutions
can be found
in today's utopias

Pierre Rabhi

Our mission

The mission of Les Nouveaux Héritiers

To contribute to fulfilment by co-constructing organisational models in which the human link is an integral part. To be your career partner by developing employee career paths, recruiting relevant talent, and developing skills throughout life.
People are at the heart of organisations; their fulfilment is the driving force that brings success.

Whatever you dream of doing, begin. Daring brings with it genius, power and magic.

Collaborative work

Our heritage

The reflection of a changing world

In order to accompany the changes taking place – new ways of consuming, communicating and working – companies must constantly reinvent themselves with new models of organisation and management, new professions and new skills. Human Resources are the first driving force behind these transformations.

In truth, it is not the route taken but the desire to get there that matters.

Albert Camus
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