The community

Let's share the experience of each career.


Gather Managers, Executives, Candidates, Experts, going beyond hierarchies. Create a space to share reflections, ideas, experiences, and build the organizations of tomorrow.

La communauté des Nouveaux Héritiers

We couldn't find any person of this type.

Ouvrons ensemble le récit
d'une entreprise ouverte, organique, connectée,
qui a pour ambition de construire
un monde plus harmonieux.

Christophe Rebours & Inès Pauly

How to join us ?

How to join us ?

The New Heirs is first and foremost a community that feeds our thoughts and approaches on a daily basis.

Let's continue to grow together, join us!

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Lancez une réflexion au sein de la communauté RH, partagez vos idées, vos expériences.

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